2 in 1 Multi Cooker Skillet and Lid Set, 3-Quart - Bruntmor
2 in 1 Multi Cooker Skillet and Lid Set, 3-Quart - Bruntmor

2 in 1 Multi Cooker Skillet and Lid Set, 3-Quart

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The Bruntmor Ultimate Pre-Seasoned 2-In-1 Cast Iron Multi Cooker

Since our cast iron skillet and lid can endure abuse and withstand extreme temperatures, you can use them over any heating source safely and easily!

You can even use them as a serving plate, since the cast iron design will keep your food warm for longer!

It’s Time To Save Your Precious Time and Effort!

Are you sick and tired of low-quality, flimsy cookware that always breaks after a couple of years?

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your kitchen tools?

Our solid cast iron skillet and lid set is here to make cooking and cleaning effortless

The premium pre-seasoned 3-quart skillet can be used as a fryer or a Dutch oven, while the lid can double as a shallow skillet, offering you more choices.

The Cast Iron Cookware That Keeps On Giving


Its coated, pre-seasoned surface is 100% non-stick and contains no chemicals, thus protecting your food and boosting your energy levels by emitting small amounts of muchneeded, nutritious minerals.

Plus, the more you cook on it, the better it gets, as long as you carefully season it after every use! Don’t worry, the process is simple and really easy!

Due to the non-stick surface, our traditional cast iron cooker set is extremely easy to clean, since you don’t have to painstakingly scrub stuck food anymore!

In addition, the Bruntmor cast iron cookware comes with a handy hole in the handles, so you can easily hang them on your rack and save precious space in your kitchen!


A Versatile Cast Iron Set That Belongs In Every Kitchen

THIS IS THE LAST SKILLET YOU’LL EVER HAVE TO BUY – One thing that separates cast iron cookware from the rest is extreme durability

Our sturdy skillet and lid set is made to withstand abuse and endure high temperatures, so that you don’t have to spend money on new skillets every other year

It’s time to say goodbye to chemicals and flimsy cookware. The Bruntmor ultimate pre-seasoned cast iron Multi-Cooker set is here to help you eat healthier and cook your food more efficiently than ever