How to Clean and Care for Enameled Cast-Iron Cookware: Dutch Ovens and Skillets


How do I prevent my enameled cookware from scratching or chipping?

          Unlike traditional cast iron, these pots have an enameled finish over the interior and exterior of the pot. It makes for a smooth, nonporous surface, although if not cared for properly the finish can chip. These pots can be used to cook just about anything and everything on the stove and in the oven, although because of the enameled finish, it’s not recommended they be used on the grill or over an open flame. It is also recommended you don't subject your pot to dramatic temperature changes and don’t heat an empty pot. Being cautious of this will help to keep your enamel intact. Always match the pan’s base size to the stovetop heat zone to maximize efficiency and to prevent overheating of the pan sides or damage to the handles.


 Reminder: If your enameled cookware does crack or chip, that is OK: There is just plain cast iron under the enamel, which is perfectly safe to cook with.



Bruntmor's Enameled Cast Iron Cookware can be used on all heat sources including gas, electric stoves or radiant ring, ceramic glass top, induction, and ovens fired by gas, oil, coal or wood. It is not to be used in microwave ovens, outdoor grills, or over campfires. Bake or broil in any conventional or convection oven. Cookware is oven safe up to 500° F

                     Removing Stains from Enameled Cast-iron Dutch Ovens
To remove slight stains, fill cookware halfway with water and bring to a boil. Allow to boil briskly for a few minutes, then turn off the burner. Scrape cookware with wooden spatula, pour off the water, let sit. Residue will start to flake off as the pan dries. Wash the cookware with hot water and dishwashing liquid, and dry.


Cleaning your enameled cookware after each use:

  • Before washing, allow cookware to completely cool.
  • Hand wash with warm soapy water to preserve cookware’s original appearance
  • Always dry cookware thoroughly before storing in a cool, dry place. Do not stack cookware.
  • Maintain the tightness of all handles and knobs by checking and retightening them regularly.


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