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Bruntmor Peanut Butter, Cheese & Jelly Spreader, Silicone

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Great for kids learning to make their own lunches or busy moms who want to keep the kitchen orderly, this peanut butter and jelly spreader helps to make the perfect, mess-free sandwich. Measuring 11-1/2 inches long, each end has a bright silicone tip that's color-coded for the appropriate jar - the light brown end goes into the peanut butter and the red end goes into fruit jelly. With smooth surfaces and long, paddle shapes, the ends spread the ingredients evenly over bread or crackers without the ripping or tearing that knives can cause. The spreader goes safely into the dishwasher use this all-in one-tool to scoop and spread peanut butter and jelly without crossing into and mixing the jars. Made of colorful silicone for easy spreading, can also be used for butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise and mustard.