Ceramic Dessert Bowls Set – 18 Oz set of 6, for Rice, Ice-cream, Salad, and Cereal

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  • Immaculate Quality: Bruntmor porcelain dessert bowls have a unique and immaculate look which makes it different from other porcelain in the market. Its design and layout is one of its very strong and prominent feature which assists a lot when it’s being used by the consumer.
  • Microwave Safe: Porcelain ceramic bowls are absolutely dishwasher and microwave safe to use. The material used in its manufacturing is quite safe and hazard free and can be utilized for infants and children of all ages including adults as well.
  • Non-Toxic/Lead-Free Material: These bowls are made from a material that is non-toxic and free from lead contents that are injurious and hazardous to one’s health. So food contents placed in them won’t get contaminated.
  • Presentable and Stylish Design: Bruntmor ceramic bowls are a multi-usage kitchen utensil that one can use for several purposes like for example for salad, rice & ice-cream. Which you can present to your prestigious and valued guests, relatives and friends.
  • Easy Wash & Stackable: Bruntmor elegant porcelain bowls are easy to wash in an instant and won’t require a lot of time. They are also stackable and that allows one to manage them quite easily. Which also means that they’re space-saving.