Dual Head Percussion Massager

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Bruntmor's Dual Head Massager will suit all of your relaxation and sore muscle needs. The two nodes and accessories work together to relieve muscle knots and pain that may have built up, great for post-workout or general relaxation. The massager with help with exercise recovery by breaking down the soreness-inducing lactic acid produced by your muscles. Office workers, rejoice! This massager will work out the fatigue and tightness in the shoulders and neck from sitting at a desk all day. The interchangeable heads include a special heat one to really work those tight muscles.


  • Three interchangeable sets of massage heads including a heat massage head.
  • Special heat function to benefit sore muscles and relieve pain.
  • Varying speeds to customize according to your needs.
  • Perfect for the scalp, back, shoulders, and more.
  • Portable and ideal to pack for vacation or those stressful business trips!
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