Enameled Cast Iron Balti Dish With Wide Loop Handles, 3 or 5 Quart turquoise or Fire Red

  • Safe for All Cooking Surfaces – The Enameled Cast Iron Balti Dish can be used on all cooking exteriors, including on a stove, in the oven or on a grill. When utilizing it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surfaces, avoid dragging the dish to protect the cooking surface.
  • Easy Care And Handling – For most ideal results, cook on a low to medium heat, and always add oil or water when heating. Vegetable oil or cooking spray increases better cooking and more effortless cleaning. Avoid metalware(s), which can damage or chip the enamel coating. Use heat-resistant silicone, wooden, or plastic spatulas only.
  • Cleaning Your Cookware After Use – Before cleaning, allow the balti dish to completely cool. Hand washes with warm soapy water to maintain cookware’s original condition. Always wipe cookware completely before storing it in a cool, dry place. Do not pile cookware.
  • Best Quality Cookware – Designed with premium quality material, the balti dish retains heat well and spreads it evenly. Heat disperses completely across its wide, flat base and all the way up the tall sides for optimal cooking results. Even more, it comes with an enamel finish that won’t react to food. This helps assure pure flavors and makes the balti dish an ideal choice for marinating, cooking, and storing food.
  • Great For All Occasions – Exquisite Enameled Cast Iron Balti Dish shallow cooking dish is ideal for everyday use dinner parties, restaurants, or as gifts for family, friends, or cooking enthusiasts.
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