Moroccan Tagine Pot, 4-Quart, Marine Blue

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This 4-quart tagine from Bruntmor is a magical cast iron pot suited for various types of cooking. Use for everything from meat to vegetables! 4-quart Moroccan Tagine made of cast iron and colorful stoneware. The generous rim allows for a secure grip during transport. The conical lid allows steam to circulate during cooking, which then creates condensation that drips back onto the meat, fish, or veggies, keeping food moist and full of flavor while it simmers. The beautiful bright red pot is perfect for entertaining.
Tagines Take Time
When using tagine patience is required; let the tagine reach a simmer slowly. Poultry takes about two hours to cook, while beef or lamb may take up to four hours. Try not to interrupt the cooking by frequently lifting the lid to check on the food; that's best left toward the end of cooking when you add ingredients or check on the level of liquids.


  • Slowly lift lid while cooking as steam will escape.
  • Magical Pot! Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Ready for immediate use, this is lighter than other types of cast iron.
  • Go from kitchen to dining table, use as serveware.
  • Use on the stove or outdoors; slow simmer soups and stews; blend delicious flavors together.



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